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IKEA office ideas – 10 ways to create a functional work-from-home space

If you need to create a work-from-home set-up quickly, IKEA office ideas are brilliant for fast, budget-friendly spaces that you'll actually want to work in. With remote working the new norm, many of us are having to adapt our living quarters not just for rest and relaxation, but to allow for productivity to flourish.

The beauty of working from home is you don't have to bring the office's cold, clinical feeling desks, wheeled chairs and bulky filing cabinets back into your space with you. You c

Rented garden ideas – 10 temporary ways to make your backyard your own

With the right rented garden ideas, you can still make an outdoor space enjoyable to use, even if you can't make big changes. Renting your home doesn’t mean you can’t truly make it your own – you just need to get creative with how you go about it. It’s easy to add personal touches to your outdoor space without upsetting your landlord.

From potted plants to outdoor lighting, here’s 10 to spruce up a tired-looking rented space into somewhere you’ll want to spend time this summer.

Rented garden i

How to paint a checkerboard floor – a step-by-step guide to putting a classic twist on your space

If you want to introduce more timeless interior trends into your home, our tutorial on how to paint a checkerboard floor will help you do just that. A checkerboard floor can add a sleek and stylish feel to a multitude of spaces, and you don't necessarily have to rip up your current floors to achieve the look.

'Creating a feature of your floor is an easy yet impactful way to immediately and dramatically change the look and feel of a space,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Gree

IKEA pegboard ideas – 10 ways to use the SKÅDIS pegboard around your home

Utilize the space on your walls with these IKEA pegboard ideas to create not only another functional space, but also a unique, aesthetic piece of decor in your home. Organizers aren’t just limited to boxes and containers for your drawers, after all.

The SKÅDIS pegboard is yet another of IKEA's versatile accessories to add to your home that can be adapted to any space. Easy to use and functional, you can style the pegboard to blend in seamlessly to your taste.

'SKÅDIS pegboards are super versat

Window box ideas – 8 ways to style and maintain your arrangements for every season

Window box ideas are a beautiful way to boost your home's curb appeal and breathe life back into any property all year round without breaking the bank. Window boxes are also an ideal solution for urban gardening, where your apartment might not have any green space to experiment with but you still want to use plants to spruce up your exterior.

Steph Green, garden designer and founder of Contained Creations, explains that creating a show-stopping window box is all about the right composition, sug

How to wallpaper – the expert guide to livening up any wall

Learning how to wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to breathe some life back into your home. But with fiddly trimming and messy pasting, hanging wallpaper can be tricky to do without the help of a professional.

Although sticking to the paintbrush might be more tempting, opting for wallpaper – or even combining the two and wallpapering a feature wall – can elevate your interior, as well as cover up any imperfections in the plaster of your walls that paint can’t hide. If you know h

Imposter Syndrome Returns: Grads in the Workplace

Let’s face it – as graduates in 2020, we are lucky to get any kind of work during such an unpredictable and turbulent economic time. The job-hunting process is cut-throat enough as it is without the added pressure of a pandemic, followed by a recession. According to Resolution Foundation, graduates of the past year suffer a 13 per cent lower likelihood being employed within three years of finishing their degree. Once we do land that job (whether or not it is what we expected to be doing at the b

5 Vaginal Health Myths Debunked

Many of us are misinformed with inaccurate information about the vagina, including those who have them. Unfortunately, there’s some stigma when it comes to vaginal health. Since the 15th September is Vaginismus Awareness Day, what better time to bust some myths about your vagina and how you should be treating it than now.

Douching helps to clean the inside of your vagina.

Here’s where we don’t give the vagina enough credit. The anatomy of the vagina is incredible; it’s self-cleansing! Therefor

Sustainable Fashion Brands for the Retail Therapy Addict

Climate change is becoming an ever-intensifying concern in our current day and age, with fast fashion being one of the most notorious perpetrators of the environmental crimes that are slowly destroying our planet, along with animal agriculture. The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular amongst young people, with 56 percent of adults in the UK buying more and more vegan products in supermarkets. But it doesn’t just stop at food, ethical fashion also means faux-fashion. Part of the stri

Kumon kids excel in Maths and English

The pupils of the Kumon Frome Study Centre get together at Oakfield School to celebrate the students’ achievements.

Kumon pupils have made excellent progress in Maths and English and their achievements were recognised by the local community on Sunday 17th November. The students and their families attended an awards ceremony and took part in a Book Swap to find something new to practise their literacy skills. They also enjoyed some well-deserved fun on a bouncy castle!

The awards are intended t
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